Volume 2 : Issue 1



Lynn Pattison

In the distance, the Irvin's horn

Eagle at nine o'clock 


Donald Wayne Little

Winter Leaves


Gregory Loselle



Farida Samekhanova

Snow in Toronto

The Light of the Distant Star


Linda Leedy Schneider

The Day After a Lunar Eclipse



Laurence W. Thomas



Robert Haight

Six a.m.


Miriam Pederson

King of the Mountain


Lynn Tremblay

The Train to Nipissing

Ed Woods

Writer’s Block


Destiny Dorozan

Lake Snow



Winter Leaves
by Donald Wayne Little

A sapling always comes to be
So great in size and full of life
Infinitely in the sunlight
To thrive as a luscious green tree
Yet when the winter dawn shall break
The home of birds shall start to leave
Dropping crisp flakes that dance and weave
A dead grey path their lives will take
Until an early summer morn
A brand new sapling tree is born



Donald Wayne Little is a high school junior. He is studying poetry in school and has written over twenty poems.


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