Volume 2 : Issue 1



Lynn Pattison

In the distance, the Irvin's horn

Eagle at nine o'clock 


Donald Wayne Little

Winter Leaves


Gregory Loselle



Farida Samekhanova

Snow in Toronto

The Light of the Distant Star


Linda Leedy Schneider

The Day After a Lunar Eclipse



Laurence W. Thomas



Robert Haight

Six a.m.


Miriam Pederson

King of the Mountain


Lynn Tremblay

The Train to Nipissing

Ed Woods

Writer’s Block


Destiny Dorozan

Lake Snow



Six a.m.
by Robert Haight

It is raining lightly in the dark
thunder in the distant west
as the grumbling night
wanders off to its bedroom
turning out the lights as it goes
while from the east dawn approaches
flicking them all on again
one by one
along the corridor of morning


Robert Haight has published two collections of poetry, Emergences and Spinner Falls (New Issues Poetry & Prose 2002) and Water Music (Ridgeway Press 1994) and written essays and articles on fly fishing, the environment, spirituality, and education that have appeared in a variety of journals and magazines. He lives in Michigan with his wife and various animals.


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