Volume 2 : Issue 1



Lynn Pattison

In the distance, the Irvin's horn

Eagle at nine o'clock 


Donald Wayne Little

Winter Leaves


Gregory Loselle



Farida Samekhanova

Snow in Toronto

The Light of the Distant Star


Linda Leedy Schneider

The Day After a Lunar Eclipse



Laurence W. Thomas



Robert Haight

Six a.m. 


Miriam Pederson

King of the Mountain


Lynn Tremblay

The Train to Nipissing

Ed Woods

Writer’s Block


Destiny Dorozan

Lake Snow



Lake Snow
Little Traverse Bay, 2008
by Destiny Dorozan

January shakes out
her hair
tiny flakes vibrate
to the ground
The cold vast bay
moves with slush
A line of ice snakes
from the lighthouse
end of the pier

All grey, grey-blue  
the bay churns and froths
the sky boils and folds
scattering crumbs
that crumble
to the pavement
All grey, grey-white  
insignificant circle
in the moil of cloud
a meek stand-in for sun

Inside windows drip
with fever
Snowflakes collide into glass
desperate for shelter
Snow is lake’s daughter
afterbirth piles up
along the roadside
Days begin and end
without passage of time
The snow blows, falls

All grey, grey-blue
the thump of boots
at the door
All grey, grey-white 
a car’s eyes in snow-fog

Waves stiffen at the shore
crackle          creak

The long drips
winter’s palm lines
all run together
The lake the bay
froths     churns      creaks
The mother and the daughter
Lake and snow



Destiny Dorozan is a graduate student of Clinical Psychology at the University of Detroit Mercy.  She has been writing, publishing, and performing poetry since age 9, and is often heard at open-mic venues in and around Detroit.  Her poems have appeared in Rogue Poetry Review and The Credenza among other places. She has been a featured poet for Poetic Travelers in Ferndale, Michigan, Spirit Spit in Detroit, and Poetrio in Asheville, North Carolina.  Her two self-published chapbooks are titled Emergence and Beautiful Disarray.

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