The Ambassador Poetry Project aims to showcase poetic talent from and about Ontario and Michigan. While many of the works featured will naturally offer regional insights, inspirations, and experiences, the publication aims to encompass more than a “border town” vibe. Just as the infamous bridge was created to link the two countries, The Ambassador Poetry Project aims to connect Canadian and American writers and readers who share a common fondness for poetry.

1. An authorized messenger or representative.
2. An unofficial representative: ambassadors of goodwill.

from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

There is no connection between this project and the Ambassador Bridge, but there is a metaphor at play. Connecting countries and poets, bridging common grounds and ideas, The Ambassador Poetry Project aims to act as a gateway for emerging and established writers, as well as readers of homegrown talents. For those whose passion is poetry the role of ambassador is often adopted, and with these ideas in mind the project was born.

Founding Editor Lori A. May is a native of southwestern Ontario. She now calls Michigan her home.

The Ambassador Poetry Project was developed in the spring of 2009. The premiere issue was published in September 2009. © 2011

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